Trade Europe's Most Liquid ETPs

We have the most popular single stock ETPs*

*ETF and ETP Monthly trading data by security March 2023, 3x long ETPs – by value of trades; London Stock Exchange

Leverage Shares also has the most traded ETP in London*

*Based on data from London Stock Exchange for 2022.

Inverse ETPs: Backed with Cash

We are the only ETP issuer that pays investors on short exposures.

Source: Leverage Shares, As of 23 March 2023 (annualised)

Total Ongoing Costs:
Leverage Shares vs other ETP issuers

X = No relevant product offered
*As of 27 April, 2023, info based on company KIDs.

Bank Credit Risk has Investors Uneasy

We are the only Leveraged and Inverse ETP issuer with no credit risk

Our ETPs are 100% physically backed

Prospectus reviewed by the FCA and Central Bank of Ireland

SPV structure: assets are ring-fenced and held with 3rd party trustee

*Applies to range of Short and Levereged ETPs

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