Tesla ETPs

Up to -3x short exposure to Tesla stock, without the need for a margin or CFD account. Capital at risk.

Getting paid to short Tesla?

You heard that right! Leverage Shares exclusively pays investors in -3x, -2x, & -1x Short Tesla ETPs a fee for simply holding the product.


Inverse exposure to one of the world’s hottest stocks. Our products eliminate the need to “go short” via CFDs or derivatives, and trade exactly as standard shares would. The products are physically-backed, so no swaps or derivatives are used to gain exposure.

Why Tesla ETPs?

Meet Investor Demand

Our Tesla ETPs offer -3x, -2x & -1x Short exposure for investors who wish to express conviction on the movement of TSLA stock.

High Liquidity

The products come in a highly liquid ETP wrapper and can be purchased via local broker as they would any other stock or ETF.

Access to US equities

Fractional access to the movement of one of the world's hottest stocks.

Advantages of Tesla ETPs

Ark ETP Product

What Makes Our ETPs unique?




Perdite limitate all’investimento iniziale

Scambiati sulle borse regolate

Senza rischio di credito bancario

Con replica fisica

What Makes our ETPs Unique?

Losses Capped at Invested Amount

Traded on a Regulated Exchange

No Bank Credit Risk


No Margin or CFD Account Required

No Maintenance Margin Required

Available on your local broker

Low Minimum Trade Size

Dedicated Market Maker

Constant Leverage Factor

How to Invest

Consult your Financial Advisor

Find your Local Broker

When investing your capital is at risk. *Other fees may apply.

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